We have kneaded our passion and experience together, to make every day taste just a little better. A pinch of salt, a handful of flour, a smile, a positive affirmation and the ability to tempt you deliciously, are just a few of the reasons we continue to work so hard.

Thank you for your trust!


Bread is life. And flour on the palms of strong, determined hands, are the soul of every bakery.
Enjoy warm, fresh ERMIS pastries made with innovative recipes that combine both tradition and originality.


Add a sweet touch of magic to your every day.
Make every moment a celebration and indulge in a world of delicious temptations with a wide range of cakes, sweets, tarts and individual confectionary goods.

coffee roast

Brewed for you.
Get ready for an exquisite caffeine boost, made especially for you with the finest blends intoxicating aromas and exciting flavours.


Homecooked, delicious food and hearty portions!
This is Mama Eleni’s every day primary concern, so choose whatever looks good to you from an impressive variety of carefully prepared dishes and… bon appetite!


The right feast, for the right occasion.
We will responsibly prepare suitable catering to support your every event, at the venue of your choice, with a wide range of dishes, treats and beverages.


Sharing Knowledge. Sharing Love.
We want you to enjoy baking as much as we do, by sharing our know-how and experience through specially designed confectionery, pastry and baking courses for all ages!